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Post-Show Talks


The Role of the Translator: Translating 'Foreign' Performance Cultures

This panel considers the role of the translator as cultural mediator. In conversation with Noah Birksted-Breen, translators Natasha Oxley and William Gregory, and Gianina Carbunariu consider how the translator can engage with the 'original' theatrical tradition, which the playwright has embedded in the form and style of their playtext. If the play was written for a non-naturalistic theatrical tradition, how can the translator create a text which evokes that non-British performance culture?

The Yard - After George Kaplan - Entrance free with a ticket to see the show.




Translating Cultures, Cultures of Translation: Dealing with Culturally Unspecific Plays

Playwright Aleksa Okanovic and theatre translators Chris Campbell, David Duchin and Jane House join Margherita Laera for a conversation on translating cultures for the stage. Do plays ‘represent' their language/culture? Can a play operate outside its own language/culture so as to become more transcultural or culturally unspecific? And if so, is the translation of this kind of source less problematic than that of culturally-specific plays?

The Yard - After The Neighbours - Entrance free with a ticket to see the show.




Beyond Social Realism: Directing European Plays

What role does the director play in new European playwrighting? Director Jude Christian joins Benjamin Fowler for a conversation about postdramatic dramaturgies on the British stage, drawing on her experience of directing Trust, by the German playwright Falk Richter, at The Gate in 2018. The conversation also includes the playwrights Beniamin M. Bukowski and Maria Milisavljevic, and the director Abigail Graham. How do European playwrights conceive of the role of the director when writing their plays? Does this shift when their plays are translated into English and into theatrical cultures where social realism dominates?

The Yard - After Noise - Entrance free with a ticket to see the show.


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