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Out of the Wings

Out of the Wings began in 2008 as a project whose aim it was to make the theatre of the Spanish-speaking world to English language audiences. Translations, readings, full professional productions, international collaborations with theatre practitioners and scholars and a website have all played a role in the growing awareness of the huge range of fascinating undiscovered plays from across Spain and Latin America.

Since January 2015, what we have come to call ‘The Out of the Wings Collective’ has met once a month at King’s College London to read new translations of plays from Spanish America, Brazil, Spain and. most recently, Portugal. We have a very simple formula: we meet, share our new translations of plays that we have discovered or been asked to translate; sometimes we read plays in the original language to test how we think they might travel toward us. Our discussions passionately engage with matters of translation, performability, meaning and context. We are joined by friends from, for example, Las Vegas and New York and often by the dramatists whose work we are reading. Every month, we welcome new people to the Out of the Wings Collective, people who have heard about our work, been at our readings, found us online. In July 2018 we celebrated our third annual festival, in and around the Cervantes Theatre in London.

We presented five play-readings from Cuba, Brazil, Chile, Spain and Peru, including a sell-out performance on our closing night. These ranged from a 90-year-old classic presented in English for the first time, to brand-new work only recently premiered in its home country. We were delighted to welcome actors, writers, directors and other creatives from around the world to take part in sharing these wonderful plays.

For our 2018 festival we also ran three workshops exploring theatre in translation, including an exploration of how directors and translators can work better together; a workshop taking translation to new heights with aerial performance, and a look at the journey from micro-tales to big-scale storytelling.

And on our final day, we were joined by theatre and translation researchers, practitioners and organisations for our one-day forum at King’s College London.

Out of the Wings.jpg