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Foreign Affairs

[Foreign Affairs] is an international theatre company based in Hackney, run by Dane, Trine Garrett and Brazilian, Camila França, focusing on theatre in translation and international cultural and artistic exchange. The company engages with communities outside the realms of theatre, and creates site-specific immersive work in community spaces and unconventional venues (Barts Pathology Museum, Cambridge Anatomy Lecture Theatre and Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club).Since 2010, [FA] presented 14 new English language translations of world theatre works to audiences of over 3000. Many of these were commissioned, and the company worked directly with the translators involved. Productions of new translations include: Arthur Schnitzler’s Professor Bernhardi (2015-17) funded by AHRC; The Helmer Project(2015) -A Doll’s House performed in repertoire with award-winning Danish playwright Jakob Weis’ modern ‘sequel’ Helmer Hardcore, supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, the Danish and Norwegian Embassies in London and Danske Dramatikere; András Visky’s The Unburied(2017) – supported by the ACE and the Romanian Cultural Institute. The company launched its innovative theatre translation mentoring programme, [Foreign Affairs] Translates! in 2016, and to date has worked with three cohorts of emerging translators. [FA]’s training programme Discover + Explore aims to encourage knowledge exchange and creative collaboration, and to help theatre-makers and performers discover and build new skills. Over the past three years, the company’s theatre training, translation, outreach and internship programmes have benefited over 250 people including Hackney New School, Tropical Isles Carnival Youth Group and female theatre-makers from the UK and Europe.